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Cocktails – A Perfect Summer Drink

Cocktail parties are an opportunity for both entertaining and networking. Summer is one season where you want to get together with your sip, soak up the sun and at the same time sip on refreshing drinks. It is the season when people constantly feel the need to stay hydrated. With the sun’s harsh rays and the humidity in the air, a person may constantly feel drained out and facing a loss of energy. Heat strokes, exhaustion and fungal infections of the skin are extremely common during this season and one of the best ways to treat one’s body well and avoid these is to ensure the body is well hydrated.

There are many summer drinks and coolers to choose from; alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks which people may quench their thirst with. A large number of people prefer refreshments such as lemonade or various other fresh fruit juices for dehydration and to feel refreshed. In fact, lemonade and summer are known to match each other just how surf and sand do! They may sip on various flavoured lemonades from lemon, strawberry, raspberry etc. although the original flavour is always preferred.

Not only do these drinks quench our thirst and replenish us but valuable nutrients are also added to the body in some form or the other, especially when it comes to fresh fruit juices. Perspiration is on a high during this season and it is important to drink plenty of fluids during this season. With many people preferring cold coffees, Cappuccinos, coffee frappes or iced teas, there are many people who prefer to sip on margaritas, punches or other delightful alcoholic drinks.

Cocktails are a favourite of during this season and many people experiment with various liqueurs and flavoured juices or sodas. There are certain hallmark cocktails which are well known such as cosmopolitan, long island iced tea, beachcomber, watermelon margarita, mojito and pina colada. Other popular cocktails include ciroc chic, planter’s punch, hurricane, Smirnoff Tuscan lemonade, etc.

Various cocktails are a mix of various liqueurs such as rum, gin, tequila and vodkas along with various fruit juices or aerated beverages.

Rum is often a chosen favourite and can be spiced, light, gold, dark, or even flavoured rums. Lighter rums are known as white or silver rums and are extremely popular while mixing with others juices or sodas for cocktails. Gold rums are stronger than light rums but are in between the light or dark varieties. Known for their dark colours such as black, brown or even red, dark rums are known for their strong and defined taste most often are used in mixture cocktails. Adding a tough of spice, caramel and flavour spiced rums are known for their distinguished tastes of rosemary, cinnamon, pepper or absinthe. Flavoured rums give cocktails a unique taste which may be of various types. Some of the popular flavours include citrus, orange, mango, banana, lime, star fruit, etc.

Cocktails are a popular beverage whether it is a summer party, beach party or even an evening out. It is a good way to cool on a scorching summer day! Chilterns catering has a wide range of packages for corporate events.