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Post-Recession Skiing Holidays

Revelstoke is a small town but is the perfect place for a warm up prior to your heli skiing Canada trip. The recession hit a lot of people hard, and as a result, many people who had been looking to skiing holidays over the last couple of years have had to cut back and miss out on their annual trip to the slopes. However, now that the economy is tentatively recovering, the idea of going on a skiing holiday is becoming more palatable and more affordable to people who may also be finding themselves clawing their way back to financial stability. However, despite the general up-turn, people are still more concerned about money and how they spend it than they were before the recession, as such they may be looking for cheaper skiing holidays than before.

This is an understandable trend, and one of the reasons why previously ‘down-market’ ski resorts are now more appealing than before. Although everyone would like to spend their skiing holiday in one of Switzerland’s top ski resorts like Zermatt or Verbier, or one of France’s old an prestigious resorts such as Chamonix or Les Deux Alpes, for some people the expense of this is simply unjustifiable. Hardly cheap countries to visit in the first place, when equipment hire and ski passes etc. are taken into account, skiing holidays to France or Switzerland certainly don’t come cheap.

Instead, skiing holidays to Italy, Austria and Bulgaria are becoming more popular. Although Austria is still a cut above the ‘down-market’ tag, the country as a whole offers far cheaper amenities and the ski resorts are no different. Italy has seen some heavy investment and development in its ski resorts over the last few years and skiers spending their holidays there should not be disappointed. And if one picks the right resort, skiing over the border into the Swiss Alps is a possibility for a taste of the high life.

Bulgaria is an interesting one. Banff is the best ski resort in the country and is providing a cheap alternative for skiers who don’t feel they have the cash to splash out on the top resorts. They have invested heavily in their ski lifts and snow making to ensure that the skiing, whilst not the best in the world, is certainly good enough to provide a good skiing holiday. And as a relatively undiscovered part of the world, skiers will be pleased to know that queuing is an absolute minimum, even at peak times of day.

Those who gave up their skiing holidays in the recession but who are still feeling timid about re-introducing them would be well advised to look at the sorts of cheap ski holiday deals they can find if they broaden their horizons when it comes to their ski resort of choice.