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Tips For Selecting the Right Birthday Party Venue in Sydney

Birthdays are the most awaited, the most enjoyed and, yet sometimes, the most difficult celebrations to organise for 21st birthday venues Melbourne. They come around every year and it is a challenge to invent a new idea or a new theme or a new venue so that it is definitely one up on the previous year!

The best and the most exciting venues are those where the idea and the theme and the venue, all roll into one! In Sydney, such options are many. Like a casual party for children in the Luna Park, or a barbecue party at Headland Park, or a beach party with loads of outdoor games and fun on the Shark Beach or a quiet get-together among the trees at Nielsen Park!

In Sydney, the most attractive venue is always the harbour. So why just have a birthday party, why not celebrate on a birthday party cruise? Book a Sydney Harbour Cruise for your birthday and have a rocking party while you cruise around and enjoy the views of the beautiful harbour!

As a first step, make a list of venues that match your budget. Mark your favourite choices and start calling them up in the order of your preference. Here is a list of essential items that you should tick off while making a list of probable venues.

Have a count of the number of guests that you are going to have and their preferences. Make a mental note of what the majority of them would enjoy – music, dance, outdoors, or a casual get-together or a dressy affair where they can strut their stuff! This largely depends upon the age group of the majority of the crowd. If the guests are mostly of the younger age group, then the safest bet would be to make sure there is rocking music and a great dance floor!

The next item in the list would be ‘food.’ Good food is a must and a sure-fire element that ensures the success of any party. So it would be good to know the tastes of the invitees whether they would relish less of grub and more of fun in which case you would need a simple but yummy spread, or whether food is the main source of fun in which case you may have to choose again between a swanky, stylish restaurant and a less conventional, less formal eating place. Darling Harbour has an array of eateries of all styles to match all tastes and wallets!

A themed party is almost always a success. Think up a theme that would excite all your guests, check which venue on your list is compatible to your theme and please also do not forget to check with the venue managers if they would allow you to have the venue done up to match your theme! You will also have to ensure that they do not have a dress code and that your guests would be allowed to dress up for the theme. If they have a dress code, you have to make sure that your guests are in favour of it and also inform them in advance so that they can get their gear ready in time for the party!

Music and dance alone can make your party a huge success! If the majority of your friends fall into the category that would love to hit the dance floor as soon as the party is on and remain there till the wee hours and the party is well over, make sure your venue has a good dance floor that can contain your crowd and has the facilities for music or DJ! You could even celebrate the birthday in one of the nightclubs – like The Ivy which is a hot spot of Sydney or Tank which has club music mixed by some of the best DJs of the world!

Last but not the least, you have to make sure that the party venue has enough space to hold your crowd and more importantly, it is available on the date and for the time the party is being planned.

While budget may be the factor that plays a key role in the selection of a birthday party venue, a low budget does not necessarily mean less fun. Oftentimes, a not-so-expensive venue turns out to be more fun than its luxurious alternatives! A beach could turn out to be more fun than a sophisticated restaurant! Being in your casuals most assuredly gives more room for relaxation and enjoyment than being in snazzy but fussy party wear! A party cruise could give you more value for your money being a total package of party, cruise, sightseeing and fun! You can choose the deck, the views, the harbour and the sky for an outdoor setting or just relax and enjoy the harbour from amidst the comfort indoors! The settings can be arranged to suit your theme and the menu can be planned to suit your taste! A DJ can be organised and the floor is always ready! Learn more for birthday themes.

Now making that list of birthday party venues should be easy! Eliminate the ones that do not match your requirement, tick the ones that do, finalise the right venue and have a ball!


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