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Where Pilates and Personal Training Intersect

If you are looking to find a New York City personal trainer that can also bring you into the practice of Pilates, you are going to be surprised to find out that it is not that hard of a task. In fact, many of the dynamic pilates manly feature personal trainers as well. Here is the catch, not every personal trainer who knows Pilates is going to be able to help you bring the two together. Here is why.

Why Pilates and Personal Training go so well together

Pilates is a structured and organized method of movement that uses specific exercise and equipment that work with the core. The goal is to build both core strength and flexibility. With personal training, this area of the body is recognized as the most important to work with improving no matter what your fitness goals. Pilates has codified a method that can work for anyone, but is a specific form of movements that has to be learned correctly. Personal training is all about moving you through stages of learning and advancement to reach your goals. A personal trainer that does Pilates is going to be far more responsive to your individual needs than just taking a studio class.

The other reason why they both work so well together

For many people, simply staying with a Queens Pilates instructor isn’t going to hold their interest. By working with a personal trainer, you can move between forms to mix things up and keep your workouts more interesting. It also allows you to target your session to meet your needs. Pilates can move your level of fitness up quickly, and then make other techniques like CrossFit more accessible. It can also be the perfect companion workout to help prevent injury as well.

Why not every personal trainer can do Pilates

A New York City personal trainer studies many things, and many of them are familiar with the basics of Pilates. The nature of the science of Pilates really means you need a personal trainer who is certified as a Pilates instructor as well to get the full benefits of the method. This is becoming a more common certification for trainers, so there is no reason to go with someone who says they do it, but isn’t certified. That certification is more than a piece of paper, it means they have trained on the forms with the exercises and understand the stresses it can place on the body too.